P rints of the Oil Paintings, created by nationally acclaimed maritime artist Steve Witucki for the novel Glimpse of Sunlight!







P rints of the illustrations, created by nationally acclaimed maritime artist Steve Witucki, for the award-winning novel Glimpse of Sunlight are now available. Please enjoy!



Pirate and Other art by Steve Witucki
C oming Soon. Pirate and other art by Steve Witucki!





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Deliverance Art Availability

Steve Witucki’s art from the novel Deliverance (book #2 of the Jonathan Dickinson Odyssey) will be available on this site in early 2016.

Deliverance, Coming Early 2016, from author GE Gardiner and artist Steve Witucki.

J onathan Dickinson, an English Quaker, must decide whether to obey his father’s order that will endanger his wife and infant son or wait until Jonathan Junior is old enough to survive a long sea voyage. Jonathan planned on beginning the journey in the spring of 1697, but events occurred in Philadelphia that forced his father to order Jonathan to leave immediately.


The narrative, written by Jonathan Dickinson and published in 1699, was reprinted seventeen times in English, Dutch and German. During the eighteenth century, one of the merchants selling the journal was B. Franklin, Market Street, Philadelphia. The journal was the first written account of the early Florida Indians who lived along the Atlantic Coast. Although Deliverance is a fictional story inspired by Jonathan Dickinson’s Journal, many of the events occurred or are plausible incidences in the long ordeal that faced these unfortunate souls.


Glimpse of Sunlight

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Glimpse of Sunlight has recently been named a CLUE Awards finalist for outstanding 2014 Suspense/Thriller Novels, otherwise known as the “short list”

Five Star review in readers favorite

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Dimensions are annotated (length times width i.e. 11×17). However, all art, and illustrations were created in landscape.

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